vendredi 19 décembre 2008

Today's « Why the hell do people do those things ? »
Walk around wearing Santa's red and white fluffy cap. On kids, it's cute. On grown-ups, it's gross.
Wear shorts when it's freaking cold. Wear a mini skirt when it's freaking cold.
Buy - and eat - smoked salmon marinated in maple syrup and cinnamon.
In the book I borrowed from the library yesterday, I found a dead fly squashed between the pages. Who would do that ?

2 commentaires:

Visuals Playground a dit…

I like when the girls wear a mini short even when it's freaking cold :-)

The Smoked salmon marinated in maple syrup and cinnamon : The all in one concept invented by a brilliant marketing service's... Time is money , eat fast : Meal and dessert in one shoot !

A dead fly squashed between two pages... Maybe the book of an entomologist...

Think different

the_young_dude a dit…

Who are those people ?